Sean Ferigan

Leading technical teams to success

I'm a technical manager with a history of hands-on experience building and running large scale (mostly Unix/Linux based) infrastructures as well as assembling and leading the operations teams responsible for managing these platforms. More recently I've been helping to manage and grow the software development and data science teams in a fintech startup.

I began my career in IT as a COBOL programmer on IBM mainframes. I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to move into systems operations a couple of years later; a move which sparked a passion that has stayed with me ever since. Since then I have primarily focussed on Unix/Linux based large scale Internet facing infrastructures managed with high levels of automation. Over the years I've been fortunate enough to work in some interesting businesses with extremely smart people driven by a passion for building and operating customer-centric solutions.

When not experimenting with the latest technology or attending various tech meetup groups around London I enjoy spending time with my family & dogs (a Siberian Husky and 2 Pugs who boss the husky around!), photography (the picture of the moon used on this site is one of mine), relaxing in my home cinema or playing the occasional videogame.

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