Ticketmaster are the worlds largest event-ticketing business. They design and build their own techmology solutions and have some unique scaling challenges when large events are put on sale.

I joined Ticketmaster in a senior technical capacity to lead the build of their next-generation e-commerce infrastructure supporting their European business whilst maintaining their legacy platform during the transition.

I received multiple promotions during my time with Ticketmaster resulting in my attaining Vice President level.

  • Led (hands-on) the introduction of a large horizontally scalable e-commerce infrastructure to support a complex LAMP solution
  • Sourced and negotiated dedicated datacentre space in London and Europe
  • Negotiated pricing and procured all physical infrastructure
  • Defined and managed multi-million £ capex and opex budgets
  • Defined, grew from 4 to 65+ heads, led, mentored and developed the technical operations organisation covering architecture, infrastructure engineering, WebOps, database, network and datacentrer
  • Created a highly collaborative (and fun) culture working in harmony with the development organisation to produce scalable solutions
  • Provided technology leadership for Ticketmaster's London 2012 Olympics project
  • Performed technical diligence for all European acquisition activities
  • Led the attainment of PCI-DSS compliancy


"Sean is a great director on many levels. His business decisions are backed up by his technical knowledge, making him a rare gem in this industry. He's great to work with and is an expert at building strong teams to get the job done right, on time and with a solid technology foundation." - Richard Harvey

"I worked under Sean for over 6 years at Ticketmaster, later Live Nation Entertainment. During that time he revolutionised the technical department and what we were able to offer the business. He helped create a self confidence in the UK, later International, teams of what we could offer our global organisation. He was instrumental in creating a strong, confident technical group and ensure there were close bonds with our US based counterparts. I was grateful to be given his leadership and guidance which has enabled me to grow technically and also as a manager. His values allowed me and others to progress and grow alongside the business. Throughout working with Sean he always made sure we were focussed on the goal of supporting our consumers and clients to the best of our ability with the resources we had available. He was fully dedicated to the company and his teams. An asset to any organisation, especially one that is looking to drive change." - Connon Macrae

"Sean is a unique breed of a technology person that is also able to quickly understand the business. He has an extremely good work ethic, a passion for technology, and is able to handle very stressful situations. He is also excellent at hiring strong talent." - Selina Tobaccowala

"Sean was an excellent business partner to Finance. On the large projects as well as the annual capital planning cycles, Sean was responsive, diligent and reliable. His appreciation of the wider business perspective is impressive as is his grasp of financial matters and constraints. In addition, he was able to explain and communicate effectively complex technology issues to non-specialists." - Chris Jones